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Bliss Reliance Spa offers:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Threading
  • Hand and foot care
  • As well as body waxing.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

Tired of constantly shaving, tweezing or waxing? Laser hair removal is the most quick, effective, and pain-free solution to getting rid of unwanted hair. Bliss Reliance Spa uses Soprano Ice Advanced Laser Hair Removal Technology.

Our laser incorporates an advanced cooling technology which protects the treatment area by keeping the patient’s skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment process. The easy 4-in-1 handpiece technology allows laser hair removal technicians to adjust the controls and wavelengths easily and quickly for a tailored laser treatment strategy. For example, a patient with fair skin, needs a different regimen than a patient with a medium or dark skin tone. Melanin the protein responsible for brown and black pigment in the skin and hair causes the laser to react differently depending on the complexion of the skin. This is because every person has a different degree of melanin in their skin. The more melanin the darker the skin. The 4-in-1 Laser offers a high degree of customization for all skin tones which reduces the risk of over or under treating an area.

Lash Extensions

All of our stylists have received extensive training and are certified stylists. We have an exhaustive collection of lashes that will allow the stylist to create every combination of styles. We will custom design your lash extensions to fit your unique style. We can make your lashes look full and natural or big and bold and every style in-between.

Manicures, Pedicures, Hand and Foot Care

Manicure: Relax your hands and beautify your nails with a manicure. We trim & buff your nails, groom cuticles, and apply top coat. Finally a hand massage leaves them feeling relaxed and pampered.
Pedicure: Keep your feet looking great and callus free with a pedicure. As your feet soak we trim & buff your nails, groom cuticles, and apply top coat (as desired). We also reduce and remove calluses from your feet and toes, followed by exfoliation and a relaxing foot massage.
Gel Polish: Gel polish is cured under our LED light, and offers a no chip polish for your nails with a high gloss finish and longer life. You may add this to any nail service for an additional charge. Change and removal requires service from your nail technician.
Nail Extensions: The application of professional artificial (acrylic nails or gel nails) to all fingers is a full set. In this service we extend your nails, shape them (as requested), and buff. Finally, we complete it with a top coat.


  • Testimonials 1
    Testimonials 1

    Been going to Bliss for a few years now. Won't let anyone else touch my brows. I even bring my daughter to get hers done! Zarmina knows exactly what she's doing and shes good at what she does. Always fast and gets my brows perfect. Staff is awesome and friendly. LOVE the new location!

    Ashley Giasson
  • Testimonials 2
    Testimonials 2

    I've been going to this location to get my eyebrows done for about 6 years now and honestly the service is always professional, affordable and just overall awesome! Zarmina is such a wonderful person and she and her staff know exactly what they're doing! I haven't gone anywhere else to get my eyebrows done. Truly fantastic! Keep up the great work ladies!!

    Lyssa Safraj
  • Testimonials 3
    Testimonials 3

    I can't rave more about this place. Everything they do here gives long lasting results and best results. Awesome lash extensions, amazing threading, perfect manicures and pedicures that last forever... and I just had a treatment from their new Soprano Ice and it was super fast and pain free. Go - you will thank me.

    Cara Melo